IT consulting

@$200.00 an hr


Laptop hinge repair

From $150

Snapped/shattered laptop hinge repair


WIFI AX6/Bluetooth 5 upgrade

From $50

Desktops $50, Laptops depends on model.



From $100

Price varies depending on part


SSD Conversion (from HHD for ex)

From $150

depending on drive size and/or desktop vs laptop


Laptop screen repair

From $150

Call for price


Replace damaged CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive

From $75

Call for price


Modem/Router upgrade


Modem/Router upgrade @$125.00 an hr


Wifi removal and/or replacement

Desktop from $65, Laptop from $85


Network setup


Network setup @$200.00 an hr


Remote Videoconferencing

From $125

Remote Videoconferencing – 55″++ 4k & 8k Screen makes meetings and classrooms come alive. Call for quote


Google Voice setup/Obitalk



Filter setup

From $125

TAG Techloq Various other setups Filter setup @$95.00 an hr


Zoom setup and assistance


Zoom setup and assistance @$200.00 an hr


Overclocking/Bios updates

From $125

Call/text for quote:

(845) 445-8536

*All prices are subject to change.. depends on device and model